Instagram vs Snapchat: Who Took A Better Picture?

Social media is booming today and there is no better way to go viral and get recognized than on social media. Each platform has its own way of grabbing their audience and keeps them coming back for more. New filters on Snapchat, new pages on Instagram. OMG when will it end?? I can’t even keep up with all the updates and new features on every form of social media, let alone learn how to use them before they change it again!! But focusing primarily Instagram and Snapchat in this blog, I want to touch on a few important points and my experience with each of these.

Okay so Snapchat and Instagram are a little different from each other and I’d say Instagram is my favorite, maybe because I have the most followers out of all of my social media sites on Instagram and thats why I like it so much but I also really appreciate a good “artsy” picture, (I mean who doesn’t??).

Instagram has a special place in my heart because I introduced this platform to an interior design and staging company called Refining Design. I know them personally (my aunt and uncle) so I was able to get them started and give them some tips on using hashtags, who to follow, and what type of content they should post. I mean this is literally the PERFECT platform for them to promote on!! Well fast forward a few months and they’ve got almost 400 followers and they have been getting likes from the photographer from Architectural Digests that did the cover story on the Obamas White House living quarters! WOW, I know!!! I love getting updates and reading the comments that talk about how much people love their page! I put a link to their Instagram page so feel free to check it out! They have a variety of gorgeous landscapes, rich art, detailed staging, and decor!

While my Instagram page is not purely business, it is a personal page but I do use it to show my style and outfits a lot of the time. Being a fashion major (and social media enthusiast) I love, love, love to capture my style in pictures. I’ve even tagged a company I’ve gotten a shirt from and they reposted my picture on their Instagram page! Although that is pretty much the extent of my “instafame”, I like to think it is possible that some day I will, but I know my hopes are high.

Moving on to Snapchat, which I would say, users have a very different intention when using snapchat, I don’t really send snapchats directly to people as much as I put Snapchats on my story. Now of course since the content goes away after you open it, or on your story, after 24 hours, you can imagine what a college student’s snapchat story looks like. Being in a sorority, we do have rules about what is appropriate to put on Snapchat and let me tell you it is for the best! But I do not know anyone that uses snapchat for business reasons other than brands, as opposed to the many people on Instagram that have a personal account and a professional account. Although there have been quite a few “nobody’s” that have gone viral because of a snapchat, thats right I’m talking about the”Damn Daniel” series of snapchats that went totally viral and landed these two high school kids ON ELLEN DEGENERES. But that doesn’t happen too often.

From a business standpoint, I really don’t think Snapchat is a great way to reach your audience on a daily basis unless you are a celebrity, just because I can almost guarantee that if the audience you are trying to reach has a snapchat, they definitely have an Instagram and they can see your content there longer than they can on snapchat. Snapchat is ideal for events when you want to document and keep followers updated. This is best for awards shows, a big project and other big anticipated events like those.

There is LITERALLY so much to say about these two platforms and honestly I could write for hours comparing the two and talking about all the things I love and hate about each, who has gone viral, and which celebrities have the best accounts but that could take me days so I am ending my rant here, catch me on Instagram and Snapchat later!


Twitter Takeover

Twitter rose to fame back in the early 2000s when social media was on the verge of becoming the next big thing. But did anyone know how big Twitter would become? I definitely had no idea. I use it to tag friends in silly memes and tweet at celebrities that will never give me the time of day but it has become so much more than that. It seems like each minute, a new news article is featured somewhere on social media, long before a newspaper or magazine even has time to put something together. Twitter has basically become the best place to get your news nowadays and ABC News agrees.

ABC News describes how twitter is making its way to becoming the most sought after way to get daily news in their article; Is Twitter the News Outlet of the 21st Century? They talk about how twitter beats prime time news and breaking news to get their content on twitter first. Even celebrities and other famous people can use this as a chance to bypass the media and connect directly with their fans. Businesses have a more direct way of connect with their customers as well.

Everything from celebrity breakups to terrorist attacks to viral dances become breaking news on twitter. I know if I hear about something, the first place I go is either Twitter or Facebook to see if I can find information about it and more than likely, it is all over my news feed. Its being shared by everyone and coming from every broadcasting company out there. NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX and all of the news stations have twitter accounts that are always up to date and keeping you filled in on all the latest news.

So yes, I agree that this has been the go to for all of my news and updates and more and more people join twitter just so they can get a faster more convenient way of getting top stories and breaking news. Even my dad, (who just 2 months ago traded his Blackberry, yes thats right a Blackberry, for an iPhone) made a twitter account for all of those reasons above. It is time we accept the fact that Twitter is still growing and it might be time to switch to social media for your news if you haven’t already!

Facebook’s Battle with Fake News

Facebook is a platform for everyone. People young and old, all across the world use this site to connect, update, share pictures, news, and much more. But one thing that has become more relevant now more than ever is the presence of “fake news”. Now what is fake news? Well it can be a lot of things, it can be an article from a site that isn’t credible which is for one thing, probably where most of its problems are coming from. Or it can be something as simple as a headline;”Bill Cosby has Passed Away” which, (true story) my mother believed and made an entire post about it (very awkward and slightly embarrassing), sorry mom. The New York Times wrote an article called: Facebook Mounts Effort to Limit Tide of Fake News,┬ádiscussing the matters of fake news and how Facebook plans to handle it over the course of the next few months.

As the problem progresses, Facebook has tried to take a stand, considering they are taking the heat for it. But with that comes so many issues, Facebook is a company where you are free to voice your opinions so by censoring what its users see, can be slightly contradicting in a way. But while the company is under scrutiny for the issue, people are now claiming that Facebook could have swayed the results of the election (what!?). Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook says that is basically outrageous that people think the content of Facebook influenced election results. But this is not the only type of fake content happening in the world of Facebook.

“Click bait” is another widely used term by the site’s users which in broader terms, is basically a link or article that has a title that draws you in and has little to nothing to do with the content of the article. Let me tell you, I have fallen victim to this many times and still do, it’s very disappointing when you see a juicy headline and it is LITERALLY nothing about what it said it was. But now, they have made it easier for users to report fake news. As of right now, people are given an option to report or flag something they see but it there is no option to call it fake news or attach a reason to why they “don’t want to see it on their Facebook” anymore. Facebook is in the process of having flagged articles and content fact-checked to make sure more real news is staying up, and less fake news is. Another initiative they are taking are ranking articles that are just “read”over “shared”.The articles that are only read will have a lower ranking, making it less likely to show up on your friend’s newsfeed as a suggested article.

Although Facebook is in the early stages of experimenting with the new ways of coping with the fake news that spreads around Facebook, I think they are doing a good job of trying to minimize it. I know I hate when I see things that aren’t real or have a deceiving headline so as a user I completely understand and really agree that it needs to be dealt with. But until then, I guess I will continue to read about more celebrity deaths that aren’t real and political nonsense that people believe and share all over.

My Thoughts On Social Media

Social media is something that everyone in this day and age at least knows about. I am a huge fan of social media, it is a platform to make friends, see what celebrities are up to, sell yourself to the world and much more. It something you can use to connect with someone across the world and it is truly amazing. Growing up I had it all, yes that includes Myspace. Although Myspace isn’t quite trendy anymore, when I was in middle school I was on myspace everyday after school checking my notifications, updating my top friends and posting new selfies with a duck face and the peace sign. As I grew up, so did social media, along came Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin (just to name a few of the big ones) and you know I have every single one of those. But as I got older, I realized this wasn’t just a place for me to post silly pictures and write sad teenage statuses about hating my life, it was a place for me to promote myself and build my brand.

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is always telling me to “watch what you put on Facebook/social media” and I hear you loud and clear but it did not hit me until very recently that these aren’t just for me, they are for my future employers as well. I quickly (tried) to change my ways and post only appropriate things, I started blogging for a fashion website and I started posting my outfits on Instagram (as I am a fashion major and I would love to get into the social media/PR side of the industry). Social media is something that I have found not only to be just for your entertainment but like I said before a place to sell yourself and promote all you can do!

From taking this course, I really hope to build my social media skills, not only would this benefit me in my own personal way, but in this generation, technological skills and being able to know your way around every social media platform is a HUGE plus for me as I enter the work force in the next few months, this is so important and I am already on social media almost 24/7 so why not take the time to get even better?!img_3779