My Thoughts On Social Media

Social media is something that everyone in this day and age at least knows about. I am a huge fan of social media, it is a platform to make friends, see what celebrities are up to, sell yourself to the world and much more. It something you can use to connect with someone across the world and it is truly amazing. Growing up I had it all, yes that includes Myspace. Although Myspace isn’t quite trendy anymore, when I was in middle school I was on myspace everyday after school checking my notifications, updating my top friends and posting new selfies with a duck face and the peace sign. As I grew up, so did social media, along came Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin (just to name a few of the big ones) and you know I have every single one of those. But as I got older, I realized this wasn’t just a place for me to post silly pictures and write sad teenage statuses about hating my life, it was a place for me to promote myself and build my brand.

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is always telling me to “watch what you put on Facebook/social media” and I hear you loud and clear but it did not hit me until very recently that these aren’t just for me, they are for my future employers as well. I quickly (tried) to change my ways and post only appropriate things, I started blogging for a fashion website and I started posting my outfits on Instagram (as I am a fashion major and I would love to get into the social media/PR side of the industry). Social media is something that I have found not only to be just for your entertainment but like I said before a place to sell yourself and promote all you can do!

From taking this course, I really hope to build my social media skills, not only would this benefit me in my own personal way, but in this generation, technological skills and being able to know your way around every social media platform is a HUGE plus for me as I enter the work force in the next few months, this is so important and I am already on social media almost 24/7 so why not take the time to get even better?!img_3779


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