ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Social media campaigns have become the new way to reach your audience effectively and for the most part, for free! So a lot of companies have decided to use social media campaigns to get their point across, gain new customers and help a good cause! A wonderful and wildly popular example is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which grew through each platform of social media it entered. ALS is a disease and the challenge was simple. Nominate 3 people to take the challenge (dump a bucket of ice cold water on your head) or donate to the ALS association . Well this reached millions of people. 17 million people uploaded their video of their Ice Bucket Challenge, the videos were watched by 440 million people and watched over 10 billion times (ALS Association)!! WOW.

People that accepted the challenge donated too because, its going to a good cause so why not?? So after the phenomenon that was this challenge, it raised $115 million. After some research I found that they spent about 47 million raised on 5 different research areas; gene discovery, disease model development, identification of biomarkers, click trials and drug development ( So it is obvious that this campaign was overwhelming successful considering in the year 2013 they only brought in $23.5 million.

I think there are a few reasons this was so popular, one being that the challenge is easy and fun. This is something that can be funny for the person doing it and the people watching, making it something that everyone wants to participate in. It was shared on multiple social media platforms, and it went to such a good cause, it was hard to pass up the feeling of doing good by participating and donating!


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