Twitter Takeover

Twitter rose to fame back in the early 2000s when social media was on the verge of becoming the next big thing. But did anyone know how big Twitter would become? I definitely had no idea. I use it to tag friends in silly memes and tweet at celebrities that will never give me the time of day but it has become so much more than that. It seems like each minute, a new news article is featured somewhere on social media, long before a newspaper or magazine even has time to put something together. Twitter has basically become the best place to get your news nowadays and ABC News agrees.

ABC News describes how twitter is making its way to becoming the most sought after way to get daily news in their article; Is Twitter the News Outlet of the 21st Century? They talk about how twitter beats prime time news and breaking news to get their content on twitter first. Even celebrities and other famous people can use this as a chance to bypass the media and connect directly with their fans. Businesses have a more direct way of connect with their customers as well.

Everything from celebrity breakups to terrorist attacks to viral dances become breaking news on twitter. I know if I hear about something, the first place I go is either Twitter or Facebook to see if I can find information about it and more than likely, it is all over my news feed. Its being shared by everyone and coming from every broadcasting company out there. NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX and all of the news stations have twitter accounts that are always up to date and keeping you filled in on all the latest news.

So yes, I agree that this has been the go to for all of my news and updates and more and more people join twitter just so they can get a faster more convenient way of getting top stories and breaking news. Even my dad, (who just 2 months ago traded his Blackberry, yes thats right a Blackberry, for an iPhone) made a twitter account for all of those reasons above. It is time we accept the fact that Twitter is still growing and it might be time to switch to social media for your news if you haven’t already!