Expert Advice: How Essie’s Social Media Stays As Fierce As Their Products

Recently I had the pleasure of getting an interview with a professional in the communications and social media industry, Jaclyn Buccellato, Vice President of Global Integrated Communications for essie at L’Oreal. Essie is one of the most popular nail polish brands and I am personally a huge fan, so how could I possibly pass up the opportunity to get to learn more about what makes them so successful?! Pinterest’s most popular nail polish color is essie’s Topless and Barefoot (amazing). So what’s behind their market’s obsession and love for the products? A fantastic social media team and great PR of course. In today’s society and competitive world of social media, it is so important to stand out and make sure your content is reflective of your brand!

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As I formulated these questions, I was really interested in her input on how social media is effecting the way a company (essie in particular), runs their business.

 Which do you think are the most effective social media platforms for essie and why?
For our brand, many social platforms are effective ways of introducing new products and creating one-on-one relationships with consumers. What’s most effective is really knowing your audience on each platform aScreen Shot 2017-04-23 at 1.38.55 PMnd speaking to them with the right content and voice on each. On Instagram she wants to be inspired and see nail looks she may recreate herself. Here we introduce new colors, reimagine classics and share back looks our fans tag us in. On Pinterest, she’s planning – whether it’s a shopping trip to Target or her upcoming (or not yet happening) wedding. essie is the #1 pinned nail brand in the world – so keeping content fresh on Pinterest is a priority for our brand (2017’s most popular color on the platform is essie’s topless & barefoot). We focus our how-tos and launch videos on YouTube.

As technology and social media become more evident in businesses today, what do you do to keep up with all the new platforms?
I’m lucky enough to be in an innovative and forward thinking company where new platforms are always being explored and presented. There’s a fine balance between jumping in and pioneering these new pScreen Shot 2017-04-23 at 1.41.07 PMlatforms, and really having a strong strategy and support in place before launching a brand channel. Consumers expect a lot from brands, so you need to be mindful that a brand is authentic in joining them on some of these platforms. It’s also always amazing for a brand to bring new technologies and experiences to their consumers that entertain or play a functional role in their lives.

 What is the best way to handle a crisis situation via social media?
The responsibility with being on social channels as a brand comes with addressing both the positive and negative comments and reactions to the content you’re putting out there. Having a team and strategy in place – who writes statements, who approves, etc. helps a brand to react quickly and responsibly in times of crisis situations. Most importantly, they expect you to respond – and if you address the crisis many of your most loyal will forgive you. Gone are the days of burying your head in the sand.

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What advice would you give students or anyone who is looking to get into the communications and PR industry?

Network. Do your research (spell their names right!) and be willing to impress. Most of the time you’ll find that professionals in the industry are willing to lend an ear or answer your questions. Look up alumni from your college on LinkedIn, or even someone who was a member of your sorority or fraternity. You’d be amazed at the common ground that could be your foot in the door. I also feel strongly that in a day and age where social media and technology rule our lives and the way we do business, a personal handwritten note to thank someone for their time goes a long way.

Jaclyn gives us some great tips and advice on how to make your brand stand out and create the best and most effective content for your customers and followers! Thank you so much to Jaclyn and essie for all of your fantastic work, innovative content and amazing products!